Playing around with my dissecting microscope

Reading one of my fungi books the other day I noticed that some fungi spores are much larger than others, in particular those of the Scarlet Elf Cup. They average a whopping 28 microns in length. So, armed with my modest dissecting microscope set on 40x magnification with back light I had a tentative search for them. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to observe and photograph, even some asci were present with most of their spores still inside - fantastic stuff!
Now I'm under no illusions as to how useful this new tool will be in future fungi ID but even if it allows a handful of new fungi species to be confirmed I'll be more than happy. It's nice just to see fungi at work on such a tiny scale.

I can only imagine what fun it would be to have a set-up capable of 500x or even 1000x magnification as recommended for fungi studies.




Jan. 30th: Small Moss Oysterling   (14)
Jan. 23rd: Chaetosphaerella phaeostroma   (77)
Jan. 21st: Collared Earthstar   (35)
Jan. 14th: Heteromycophaga gladulosae   (81)
Jan. 14th: Rosy Crust   (7)
Jan. 9th: Green Elfcups   (67)
Jan. 3rd: King Alfred's Cakes    (72)
Jan. 3rd: Velvet Shank   (13)
Dec. 27th: Common Eyelash   (53)
Dec. 27th: Crimped Gill   (14)
Dec. 27th: Scurfy Twiglet   (20)
Dec. 19th: Amber Jelly   (47)
Dec. 19th: Silverleaf Fungus   (43)
Dec. 2nd: Diatrypella quercina   (74)
Nov. 21st: Wrinkled Clubs   (30)
Nov. 16th: Lilac Bonnets   (15)
Nov. 12th: Coconut Milkcap   (5)
Nov. 12th: Milking Bonnet   (15)
Nov. 6th: Shaggy Parasol   (9)
Nov. 6th: Grey Coral   (30)
Nov. 1st: Yellow Club   (27)
Nov. 1st: Glutinous Earthtongue   (58)
Nov. 1st: Horsehair Parachute   (16)
Nov. 1st: Mealy Pinkgill   (17)
Nov. 1st: Entoloma infula   (17)
Nov. 1st: Oakbug Milkcap   (5)
Nov. 1st: Cheilymenia fimicola   (53)
Oct. 24th: Girdled Knight   (13)
Oct. 19th: Dripping Bonnet   (15)
Oct. 15th: A Ramaria coral   (33)
Oct. 15th: Collared Earthstar   (35)
Oct. 15th: Wrinkled Club   (30)
Oct. 12th: Powdercap Strangler   (9)
Oct. 12th: Oily Waxcap   (12)
Oct. 12th: Orange Waxcap   (12)
Oct. 12th: Crimson Waxcap   (12)
Oct. 12th: Yellow Foot Waxcap   (12)
Sept. 15th: The Miller   (17)